About the Authors

James and Maggie are a brother and sister writing team from Minnesota, where they still live.

James is an Emmy Award winning videographer, who covers high school, college, and professional sports teams in the Twin Cities. His idea for the book started on one of his family's Christmas trips to Iowa. He says, "You can only listen to so much Christmas music in a four-hour trip." So, he started this story by just making it up to entertain his kids. He thought it might make a good picture book. Wanting some help because of his dyslexia, he brought his notes to his sister, Maggie. She believed the story could be more. Together they dreamed up this adventure at the North Pole and around the world.

Maggie's many jobs ranged from cemetery mowing in college to Board President of a multi-million-dollar non-profit corporation. All her life she has been a storyteller and a voracious reader. This is her first published book.